Details for ClimbClub JUNE 9-12y

Age older than or equal to 9 and younger than or equal to 12.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.More Than 1 days before the item begin date.

Climbing Wall Community Center1470 10th StreetGolden, CO, 80401(303)384-8100

$80.00 $85.00

Climbing Club focuses on building strength, flexibility, and fitness through fun, climbing related games and exercises. Learn respect for ones self and others, enhance self-confidence, develop relationships, and set goals while learning everything from basic climbing skills to more advanced techniques. Each month long session consists of three indoor classes and a field trip to a local climbing destination to practice everything we have learned! Classes are tailored to the climbers' ages, abilities, and goals. Tennis shoes or climbing shoes required and all other gear is provided.Field Trip Date is June 23rd, please confirm your email address to receive field trip information.


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