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Alien Invasion Workshop - 455202

THE ALIENS ARE COMING, THE ALIENS ARE COMING! SpaceTimes Alien Invasion workshop takes kids on a virtual space mission to search for alien life on some of the new worlds that have been discovered outside our solar system. They will get to do science fly-bys over these exotic worlds, attempt a landing on an alien ice moon and take a galactic voyage to the distant star Gleise to see if its worlds have any alien creepy-crawlies. And, to bring things home they will get to explore the possibilities that alien explorers have visited the Earth by putting on their science hats for some out-of-this-world classroom detective work.

  Activity Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Ages   Status
Alien Invasion Workshop (early release school day)
02/15/2019 -02/15/2019
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Community Center

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